De ce cand vine vorba de Smart TV-uri prefer Samsung si nu LG

smart tv samsung vs lgUn prieten m-a intrebat recent ce Smart TV sa isi cumpere, nereusind sa se decida daca sa ia un Smart TV Samsung sau un Smart TV din gama LG. In final cu ajutorul sfaturilor mele si-a luat un Samsung, model din 2017 de care pana la ora actuala este foarte incantat.

Asadar in acest articol am zis sa imi expun parerea despre care Smart TV-uri ar fi mai bune, dintre LG si Samsung. Nu-ti promit ca acest articol va fi 100% obiectiv insa pot spune ca am avut suficienta experienta cu ambii producatori si stiu ce vorbesc atunci cand vine vorba de televizoare Smart.

O sa incep cu lucrul care pe mine ma intereseaza cam cel mai mult la un smart TV si anume browserul. Desi diferenta nu este foarte mare intotdeauna mi s-a parut ca site-urile se incarca mai repede pe Smart TV-urile Samsung. Si LG-urile sunt suficient de rapide cand vine vorba de navigarea pe net insa totusi Samsung-ul vine cu un plus de viteza, care poate pt. majoritatea utilizatorilor nu va conta foarte mult insa daca stai toata ziua pe net cu siguranta te vei bucura de faptul ca site-urile ti se incarca in doar cateva secunde.

Apropo de prietenul meu, televizorul care si la luat, din nou, la recomandarea mea este Samsung 55KU6092, diagonala de 138cm, pret in jur de 3000-3500 Lei. Daca ti cont de performante si in comparatie cu alte modele cu specificatii asemanatoare, 55KU6092 este un Smart TV Samsung 4K ieftin si foarte bun ca si raport calitate/pret.

Trecem mai departe la partea de aplicatii Smart. Aplicatiile smart sunt cam aceleasi si pe Samsung si pe LG, cel putin alea principale pe care chiar le vei folosi. Adevarul e ca majoritatea aplicatiilor de pe Smart tv le vei folosi doar asa din curiozitate sa vezi ce fac. Mai mult vei fi in browser, de aceea am si inceput cu el aceasta comparatie.

Desi sistemul de operare Smart Samsung, Tizen OS este asemanator cu webOS, sistemul de operare LG, Samsung au reusit sa faca interfata foarte usor de navigat, foarte intuitiva. Imi place ca imediat iti dai seama cu sa ajungi la setarile de imagine, cum sa conectezi televizorul la net si asa mai departe. Ideea e ca majoritatea utilizatorilor s-ar descurca relativ usor si fara manualul de utilizare, cel putin la setarile de baza.

Ca si preturi, conteaza mult si de unde cumperi Smart TV-ul. In ultimul timp am vazut modele foarte bune de televizoare, ieftine, pe Altex, insa si pe eMag mai gasesti unele oferte destul de bune.

Eu am o chestie care o fac si uneori imi iese, ca sa scot un pret mai bun. De exemplu pe Emag adaug produse in cosul de cumparaturi si le las acolo vreo saptamana. De multe ori ma trezesc cu un email in care Emag-ul imi trimite un voucher cu 5-10% la reducere la unele produse din cos ca sa ma convinga sa finalizez comanda. Sunt sigur ca acest lucru se intampla si pe Altex, si pe Flanco si pe alte magazine online mari.

Cam asta a fost despre batalia Smart TV-urilor. Oricum ce trebuie sa ti minte e ca inainte de a finaliza o comanda, neaparat sa faci putina munca de cercetare online, mai ales cand vine vorba de televizoare. Sunt o gramada de site-uri care testeaza produse si scriu articole foarte detaliate despre ele pt. a ajuta cumparatorul.

Why getting a dog is a great life decision

For someone who has been around dogs for all his life, I can see how they can make your life better. But you shouldn’t take my word for it, in fact in this post I’m going to share with you a couple of reasons that are actually backed up by science that prove a dog will improve you and your life.

If you’re already determined to become a dog owner and don’t need any convincing from me, here’s a new puppy checklist I think you should check out. It shows you everything you need to know when getting a new puppy.

First of all, did you know that spending just half an hour with your dog can drastically improve your mood and make you more relaxed and calm. Playing with your dog reduces stress and increases happiness. Just try it.

If you’re not getting too much exercise, having a dog will force you to get out more and become a more active person. Since your dog will need daily walking it will help you improve your stamina and cardio levels.

If you have any kids they’ll also benefit a lot from a new puppy. The first thing I can think of is the fact that kids with dogs get sick fewer times and generally have better health than children without a dog in the house. This is actually a proven scientific fact.

If you want more social interactions, well… there’s nothing better than taking your dog to the park. While he’s interacting with other dogs you can strike conversations with other dog owners. So it’s a win-win for you and your pup.

Besides being man’s best friend, your best friend, your dog is also amazing at alerting you of suspicious activities. Hey, you never know when a burglar decides to try his luck with your home. Having a dog around discourages these type of things before they happen.

Your pup will be your most loyal friend and will always have your back no matter what.

With proper training, your pup can become a great service dog. They can be trained to bring medicine, help neutralize a stressful situation or even detect epilepsy seizures. That’s actually amazing.

Another thing I would mention is that they help you sleep better when you let them sleep in your bed. Opinions are 50-50 with this one, and I myself tend to feel that your dog should have his own bed. Yeah, it’s fun to have him jump around in your bed, but it shouldn’t become a habit. In fact, a dog bed should probably one of the first things you buy when getting a pup. There’s a list with the best orthopedic dog beds that you should look at. Just search online, there is so much information about every aspect of getting and owning a dog.

There are a lot more reasons to get a pup but these are the ones that popped in my mind right now. If you think of anything else that should be added to this post just leave a comment below, I always like to hear what you have to say.

5 Must-Have Potty Training Supplies

potty-training-must-have-suppliesWhen it comes to potty training childrens everyone is talking about this method or that method but no one is saying anything about what supplies you should buy.

It’s very important if you want to successfully potty train your toddler to have everything prepared and ready.

In this post I want to give you 5 potty training supplies or products that you must have in order to start potty training.

Number 1 is obviously the potty. You can’t toilet train your child without a potty. Some parents get a potty chair some go for the toilet insert.

I also like the toilet seats more. If also want a toilet seat here is what the best toddler toilet seat should have.

First of all it should be solid and it should have handles so your child can hold on to something. You don’t want him or her falling off. Next, make sure it’s comfortable. Cushioned potty seats are soft but they’re not that durable so it’s better to get a strong plastic seat.

Ok. So since you’ll go with the toilet seat you’re going to need to also get a step stool or potty seat ladder because your child is too small to jump on the toilet seat without this.

Personally I like step stools more than potty ladders because you can use them everywhere. At the sink when your child washes his hands, at the toilet and so on.

Make sure the stool stays steady on the floor and it has an anti-slip top layers so your child won’t slip off of it when he or she is washing his hands or climbing on the toilet.

When it comes to potty training step stools I like those from BabyBjorn. They’re made from quality plastic that’s durable and they’re steady.

Next on the list of potty training supplies are the rewards. I don’t know why but so many parents think that rewards don’t work but they actually do and they work very well.

If you’re potty training a boy, sticker targets that you stick on the potty or the toilet bowl so he can aim at them when peeing work great. You can also get stickers that he can put on his clothes so they look like a general’s medals. Everytime he uses the potty let him put another sticker on his clothes.

Rewards make potty training go so much faster. And speaking of quick potty training methods, here is a 3 day potty training review of the method used by one of the top parenting experts, Carol Cline.

Potty training rewards that work amazing for girls are dolls. Since girls really like to play with dolls, make up a game where your little one teaches the doll how to use the potty. After the doll learns how to pee and poop in the potty tell your daughter that it’s now her turn to use her potty.

And the fifth must have toilet training product is for night time potty training or when your child is napping. I’m talking about waterproof toilet training sleep mats. They protect the bed mattress from any accidents that might happen during nighttime or when your child is taking a nap.

They’re cheap and they’re worth it.

I guess that’s about it for right now. I’m going to continue with parenting tips blog posts but for now this is it.

Best Zyppah Stop Snoring Device Alternatives Available

snoring while you sleepWhen it comes to stop snoring devices there are more than a dozen products which all say they can help you cure your snoring problem.

One of the best, in my oppinion, anti snoring mouthpieces is Zyppah, a custome fit oral device that you wear while you sleep and helps you stop snoring. Why I say it’s the best? Well first of all I’ve used Zyppah and I can say hands down it works. It’s not all positives but it does what it’s supposed to do.

But don’t take my word for it, go online and look, there are hundreds of user reviews for Zyppah. They’re not all good but 80 to 90% of them are positive reviews, and this says a lot about the product.

But this post isn’t about Zyppah, it’s about some alternative anti snoring solutions that also promise to keep your from snoring while asleep.

First on the list of alternative snoring solutions is the Good Morning Snore Solution. It’s an oral device, very similar to Zyppah in how it works to keep you from snoring.

The price point is around $100 but if you’re not satisfied with the results you’re covered by a 30 day money-back guarantee.  The GMSS device has been clinically tested and the test showed that 70% of the pacients wanted to keep the device, meaning it worked very well for them.

Next on our list is Vital Sleep. It’s almost half the price of GMSS, but the science behind it is pretty much the same. It’s a moldable mouth piece exactly like the Zyppah mouthpiece. You boiled, wait for it to cool and then bite into it and that’s how you get a custom fit.

From my personal experience I will warn you that the first couple of days of wearing this type of mouthguards that your jaw will be a little sore. It does take 4 to 5 days of wearing it to get used to it. The first day it was a pain to fall a sleep with this thing in my mouth.

Our third Zyppah alternativ is the SnoreRX jaw supporting mouthpiece. First of all, SnoreRX is yet another anti snoring mouthpiece that promises to help you get rid of your snoring problem once and for all. It costs $99 and it’s cleared by the FDA.

As a sidenote, this post is just a summarized description of these products, if you want the full version product reviews – is probably the best website for this. Their team find products that are available online and test’s them out.

Now back to SnoreRX. It uses the same boil and bite molding technology to get a custom fit in your mouth. From what I’ve found online it seems that it’s more comfortable then the other devices that use this type of technology. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t be uncomfortable the first few days. With all these anti snoring devices there is a process of getting used to through which you have to pass.

So, there you go, 3 alternatives to Zyppah. There are like I said more than a dozen devices and products that can help you cure snoring. These 3 are the ones that I’ve found helped me the most when I had this problem. Luckily for me and for you, snoring is something that can be cured.

Unde iti poti face o rinoplastie in Timisoara

costuri rinoplastie timis

Rinoplastia sau mai pe intelesul tuturor, operatia la nas este un dintre cele mai frecvent cerute interventii de chirurgie plastica. Este una dintre cele mai populare operatii estetice si in acelasi timp una dintre cele mai delicate, asta datorita faptului ca arhitectura oaselor nasului este complexa iar unitatiile de masura cu care se lucra in cadrul unei rinoplastii sunt de ordinul milimetrilor, si chiar si mai mici.

Fiind o operatie estetica destul de complexa si preturile sunt relativ mari. Rinoplastia este intradevar o operatie estetica costisitoare insa pretul poate varia in functie si de complexitatea interventiei. Unele interventii mai superficiale costa mai putin.

La capitolul pret rinoplastie Timisoara se afla undeva pe la mijloc, capitala tarii situandu-se in lista ca avand cele mai ridicate preturi.

In functie de obiectivul urmarit, in rinoplastie exista 2 categorii, rinoplastia estetica care presupune interventia chirurgicala cu scop de modificare sau ajustare a aspectului nasului pentru a da o imbunatatire estetica.

Prin acest timp de procedura se poate intervenii asupra cocoasei nasului, se poate modifica varful nasului daca este prea lat sau prea ascutit, se poate modifica unghiul dintre nas si buza superioara.

O rinoplastie cu scop estetic este bine sa ti-o faci dupa ce ai implinit varsta de cel putin 18 ani. Cum ziceam preturile variaza in functie de complexitatea procedurii. Ele incep de la 1400 si pot ajunge chiar si pana la 2700 de euro.

Pe de alta parte exista si rinoplastia cu scop reconstructiv si de corectie. De obicei acest tip de operatie presupune corectia unei deviatii de sept sau reconstructia in cazul unor traume suferite dupa un accident. Acest tip de operatie la nas se poate face si la un spital de stat, asigurarea medicala acoperind costul acestor interventii.

Daca pentru o operatie estetica de rinoplastie este indicat sa astepti sa implinesti 18 ani, o rinoplastie corectiva este bine sa o faci cat mai repede. Problemele de genul deviatiei de sept duc la probleme de respiratie iar in timp acest lucru poate creea si alte probleme de sanatate.

Pentru a vedea rezultatele finale in cazul unei astfel de operatii estetice trebuie sa fii rabdator. Dureaza intre 4 si 12 luni pentru ca rezultatul final sa fie vizibil. Aceasta perioada depinde de starea de sanatate generala a fiecarui pacient, de cat de bine isi protejeaza zona nasului si mai multi alti factori.

In prima faza de vindecare care dureaza pana la 30 de zile dupa operatie dispar vanataile din jurul nasului, inflamarea incepe sa se retraga.

Insa nu trebuie sa-ti faci griji de pret si rezultate inainte de o merge la un consult. Chirurgul plastician este cel mai in masura sa-ti ofere informatiile corecte de care ai nevoie pentru a lua o decizie in privinta unei operatii de rinoplastie.

Si apropo asta ca o paranteza, exista o metoda foarte eficienta de a-ti trata varicele fara nici o interventie chirurgicala. Este o crema impotriva varicelor foarte buna, o sa vezi in video-ul de mai jos.

Blender sau storcator de fructe? Ce sa alegi?

Cand vine vorba de o alimentatie sanatoasa, majoritatea lumii te sfatuieste sa consumi cat mai multe fructe si legume. Acestea contin foarte multe vitamine, minerale si in general nutrienti de care are nevoie corpul.

Pt. mine cel mai usor mod de a introduce in alimentatie aceste 2 tipuri de alimente este fie cu ajutorul unui blender sau a unui storcator de fructe.

Desi aceste 2 electrocasnice par asemanatoare, nu sunt chiar la fel. Eu personal prefer blenderul. Si o sa-ti zic si de ce.

Spre deosebire de storcatorul de fructe, la blender nu esti limitat doar la fructe, iti poti face smoothie-uri/shake-uri din legume, fructe, lactate, etc. Daca vrei asa o recomandare, ia-ti blender Philips – pret mic, ieftin si isi face treaba foarte bine.

Deci sa fie clar, blenderul nu face sucuri,  ci smoothie-uri care sunt putin mai consistente si care contin mai multe tipuri de fructe sau legume. Gasesti retete de smoothie-uri si review-uri la electrocasnice de preparat bauturi pe QUIKDRINKS.COM daca te intereseaza.

Acuma revenind la storcatoarele de fructe, acestea sunt mai mult asa daca preferi sucurile de fructe chiar pe bune naturale.

Un storcator de fructe de calitate poti vedea in video-ul de mai jos:

Partea mai nasoala la storcatoarele de fructe este ca au mai multe componente care trebuie curatate dupa fiecare folosire. Daca vrei sa-ti iei un storcator de fructe, vezi sa fie de calitate, recipientul de colectare sa fie solid, tubul de alimentare mare, si asa mai departe. Ca si producator, gasesti modele bune la Philips, Heinner…