5 Must-Have Potty Training Supplies

potty-training-must-have-suppliesWhen it comes to potty training childrens everyone is talking about this method or that method but no one is saying anything about what supplies you should buy.

It’s very important if you want to successfully potty train your toddler to have everything prepared and ready.

In this post I want to give you 5 potty training supplies or products that you must have in order to start potty training.

Number 1 is obviously the potty. You can’t toilet train your child without a potty. Some parents get a potty chair some go for the toilet insert.

I also like the toilet seats more. If also want a toilet seat here is what the best toddler toilet seat should have.

First of all it should be solid and it should have handles so your child can hold on to something. You don’t want him or her falling off. Next, make sure it’s comfortable. Cushioned potty seats are soft but they’re not that durable so it’s better to get a strong plastic seat.

Ok. So since you’ll go with the toilet seat you’re going to need to also get a step stool or potty seat ladder because your child is too small to jump on the toilet seat without this.

Personally I like step stools more than potty ladders because you can use them everywhere. At the sink when your child washes his hands, at the toilet and so on.

Make sure the stool stays steady on the floor and it has an anti-slip top layers so your child won’t slip off of it when he or she is washing his hands or climbing on the toilet.

When it comes to potty training step stools I like those from BabyBjorn. They’re made from quality plastic that’s durable and they’re steady.

Next on the list of potty training supplies are the rewards. I don’t know why but so many parents think that rewards don’t work but they actually do and they work very well.

If you’re potty training a boy, sticker targets that you stick on the potty or the toilet bowl so he can aim at them when peeing work great. You can also get stickers that he can put on his clothes so they look like a general’s medals. Everytime he uses the potty let him put another sticker on his clothes.

Rewards make potty training go so much faster. And speaking of quick potty training methods, here is a 3 day potty training review of the method used by one of the top parenting experts, Carol Cline.

Potty training rewards that work amazing for girls are dolls. Since girls really like to play with dolls, make up a game where your little one teaches the doll how to use the potty. After the doll learns how to pee and poop in the potty tell your daughter that it’s now her turn to use her potty.

And the fifth must have toilet training product is for night time potty training or when your child is napping. I’m talking about waterproof toilet training sleep mats. They protect the bed mattress from any accidents that might happen during nighttime or when your child is taking a nap.

They’re cheap and they’re worth it.

I guess that’s about it for right now. I’m going to continue with parenting tips blog posts but for now this is it.